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In addition, women may have to justify the refusal of a customer, and in some cases may not be able to refuse at all.18 Concurrently, women are often documented as prostitutes, an act that can result in future job loss and “blacklisting”, forced medical tests from hostile clinical staff, and harassment by police officers.19.
The costs of legalized prostitution such as rent to the brothel owner, medical examinations, and any registration fees are paid by the women involved in prostitution, thereby increasing the number of sexual encounters they must have in order to make a profit. Due in part to these costs, illegal prostitution has flourished in legalized areas as clients seek cheaper sex, and women determined to increase their income, or avoid psychological/drug tests, circumvent the legal system. In Germany, for example, there are three times as many non-registered women involved in prostitution as registered women. In Greece the ratio is more than 10 to 1.20.
Prostitution that did not place women in danger would require private medical coverage, unions to demand fair profit sharing, and some form of prostitute controlled security system to ensure complete discretion over customer selection. The cost of all three would have to be passed on to the taxpayer to remove the incentives for illegal prostitution. Even then, the demand for illegal prostitutes in the form of minors or kidnapped foreigners would continue to be strong, as male ‘buyers‘ often have a desire for the ‘exotic’.
In short, the best imagined version of legalized prostitution has all of the current problems of international trafficking in addition to increased taxes, which most citizens would refuse to pay. Perhaps most damaging is the fact that doing so would provide state legal sanction and financial support to the objectification of women.
Governments instead should focus on a two-step strategy: increased penalties for the men involved in prostitution and increased economic development for women. To date, through not enforcing existing laws, or creating legislation, which target the consumers of sex services, governments allow this demand driven trade to grow. As in Sweden, there should be penalties, including imprisonment, for men who solicit prostitution. Concurrently, there must be much higher penalties for those who traffic in, and pimp, women and girls both internationally and domestically. In the United States, traffickers can face no more than a five thousand dollar fine or five-year prison term, while traffickers face one to two year sentences in Europe for trafficking, as opposed to the ten to fifteen given for smuggling narcotics.21.
Perhaps most importantly, effective policies must go to the root of the problem, creating economic alternatives for women. High levels of unemployment and poverty force many women to gamble with job and marriage offers in big cities, different regions, and foreign countries. Economically powerful countries must make a concerted effort to ensure that development and ‘expansion’ fund programs and funds are not designed, received, and implemented solely by men.22 Concurrently, all governments must focus on instituting training and micro-credit programs for women and girls, and developing social support services for girls and women involved in prostitution.
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