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Not only does Maiti rescue and provide rehabilitation for these women, but the organization is alsoВ heavily involved in advocacy and raising awareness about the problem (They are so passionate and unrelenting about their work, that recently even a death threat to one of their staff members didn’t phase them). Maiti collaborates with other organizations, ministries, and advocates to magnify their efforts. They’ve worked with various research groups to conduct studies on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, TB, and other infectious diseases among trafficked women.A famous documentary, The Day My God Died, also features Maiti and its work.
Few organizations approach issues with such a multi-pronged and comprehensive approach. With a fully voluntary workforce, Maiti’s work is highly laudable. All anti-sex trafficking organizations should look at Maiti as a truly remarkable example of success.
For me, Maiti provides a ray of hope in light of all of the disheartening discussions we’ve had. I hope it can do the same for you.
Life after being “saved”
This is really shocking. What are the situations that make them work at the brothels again? It is possible that these “victims” would eventually become traffickers and brokers themselves, and thus repeat the cycle of trafficking. Most importantly, what can be done to break this cycle of trafficking?
As I mentioned last week, the raid of brothels by the government or organizations are probably the only way that trafficked victims could escape. Unfortunately, the police raid did not give a freedom to victims. The girls lost all their belongings when the brothels are raided. Worse than this, the victims will be put into the jail if they are considered as illegal migrant workers. (GAATW’s report: case 2: Women and girls working in Barn Rom Yen brothel in Chiang Mai)
For immediate protection of victims, my first recommendation is.
1) to give compensation to those trafficked victims and not to arrest them as illegal migrants.
As an immediate protection, the trafficked victims should receive appropriate shelters, psychological counseling, food, board and medical care. Although there are appropriate regional shelters run by Thai government or NGOs, I could not find any NGOs or programs that give special care to HIV positive victims. In fact, 50-70% of Burmese women who are deported from Thailand are HIV positive. (1) The lack of necessary care is evident.
“Local NGO workers have noted that once women from Burma contract HIV, they often die within six months, as the poor nutrition and health conditions in Burma combined with the stress of migrating and working in brothels take a profound toll on their abilities to resist disease.”(2)
It is sad to know that girls reach a dead end once they have been trafficked.
As my further recommendation,
2) Instead of simply sending them back to Burma, Thai police or authorities who run the shelter should arrange appropriate medical care to trafficked victims with HIV/AIDS, and probably connect with other NGOs who help HIV/AIDS victims.
If these girls with HIV/AIDS decide to work as prostitutes again, they would transmit the disease to others. So it is important to pay attention and give necessary care to HIV positive victims.
If trafficked girls are lucky enough, they might not contract HIV/AIDS and other health consequences, but what can they do with the rest of their lives? The limited education they have would prevent from getting a good job. This is true for anywhere in the world. Even in America, it is difficult to find a decent job if we don’t have a degree. Some rehabilitation programs run by the government and NGOs offer a life-skilled training but these would generate only a small amount of income. The lack of employment opportunities would eventually pushes women and girls to work again as prostitutes.
Thus, for long term protection,
1) The Burmese government should establish an employment, or give out loans for investment in addition to life-skilled training.
2) The rehabilitation programs in Myanmar should extend to border regions such as Tachileik, Mae Sot where the greatest number of women are trafficked.
3) There should be an access to education programs if the girls want to continue schooling.
4) Most importantly, these trafficked victims should be encouraged to be trained as social workers, or actively involve in NGOs. Then they could reach out their own communities and villages and raise awareness about trafficking.
However, in some cases, these goals can’t simply be achieved.
“Many women from Shan State (Myanmar) who have tried to return home from Thailand have found that their villages no longer exist – they have been forcibly relocated and the original villages have been burned down.”.
If trafficked victims face a situation in which she can’t go back to a home country, the Thai government should allow them to stay in Thailand and offer them a legal visa or refugee status. The Thai government can probably use them in the investigation and prosecution of trafficking process. (Thanks Stephanie, for last week’s comment). However, given the fact that there are already lots of Burmese migrants in Thailand, the Thai government would be reluctant to grant a refugee or asylum to trafficked girls and women.

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